The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
— Carl Jung


Finding the right therapist to work with can be a very confusing and overwhelming process. If you are visiting my website I dare to guess that you are trying to reduce some kind of distress and improve your emotional health and well-being. Perhaps you are experiencing a lot of anxiety, feeling “not in control” with a lost sense of “safety”, often haunted by memories from the past. 

It may seem a big decision even thinking about counselling, so you have already taken the first big step!

Depression and anxiety often impacts on our daily lives, like our mood, sleep patterns, food intake and general day to day functioning. Overwhelming feelings of isolation, sadness, fear, worry, guilt or shame are also very common. 

I would like to offer you my experience and expertise so that you can become the person you have longed to be. I am able to bring genuine compassion and heightened empathy to our work so that you can feel emotionally seen and witnessed. I also bring incisive observational skills so that together, we can identify the repetitive patterns that hold you back; and experiment and empower you to step out of these repetitive patterns and change your way of relating to yourself and others in more satisfying and nourishing ways. Our uniquely formed therapeutic relationship that will gradually deepen with regards to trust, compassion and collaboration will be critical to your journey of change and growth.